Damien Teney                        Researcher in Computer Vision

Research projects and publications

Older stuff (Master projects, CubeSats, rocket propulsion)

Before discovering the wonderful fields of computer vision, robotics, and machine learning, I spent time as an undergrad and young grad student working with embedded systems. I've always been fascinated by aerospace, and my Master thesis consisted in the design (hardware and software) of the on-board computer of a nano-satellite (to be actually launched in space, around 2015). I also undertook research, on my own, on rocket propulsion using hybrid motors (liquid oxidizer and solid fuel). This involved everything from the building electronic sensors of a static test bench, the thermodynamic calculations of the motor itself, the engineering/building of the mechanical parts, to the distillation of the chemicals used as fuel... Loads of fun, and some actually impressive results (visually, but also quantitatively, performance-wise).